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Puma Shoes Blue And White

Puma Shoes Blue And White

The murder suspect waited three hours at the bus station across the road from the prison after he was set free by mistake. Photo: Google Street View

Kupstys was awaiting trial at Lincoln Crown Court alongside his brother in law Andrus Giedraitis (29) for a murder charge after Latvian man Ivans Zdanovics (24) was found dead in his home in Gainsborough in January 2014.

It is believed Kupstys had been confused with another inmate who had completed his sentence and was due to be released at Puma White And Gold

Puma Shoes Blue And White

August 19, 2014 at 5:27pm

The court and staff only realised their mistake when Kupstys did not show up with the other defendants in the prison bus.

Despite Kupstys pleas that to remain held at the prison as he should be getting onto the prison bus to the court to begin his trial, staff asked him to leave.

Very worrying. How on earth can such a serious and unforgivable mistake happen. Doesn Shoes Puma For Women

Murder suspect mistakenly set free

Puma Shoes Blue And White

Puma Shoes Blue And White

anyone double check facts there before releasing inmates?

the same time Kupstys would be placed onto the prison bus.

Puma Shoes Blue And White

review of the overall prison, which consistently suffers from overcrowding issues.

Indeed, he even protested that they were releasing the wrong man, but they let him go out anyway!August 18, 2014 at 3:05pm

Puma Shoes Blue And White

Carl Draper:

According to the Ministry of Justice, an investigation is now underway to understand why the incident happened, as well as an urgent Puma Casual Shoes Online

Puma Shoes Blue And White

Puma Shoes Blue And White

Absolute wastes of space?! If somebody said to me, "I am not meant to be released I am meant to be on a prison bus to court", I WOULD NOT TELL THEM TO GO! COMMON SENSE!! HOW DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!?!?! that person should be sacked JUST for being a thick useless waste of space and somebody with half a brain cell should be given a job. Words can express how thick and stupid this person is and I hope he/she sees this comment and is offended. Dd!!!!August 18, 2014 at 11:44am

Puma Shoes Blue And White

The mistake meant that the murder trial collapsed, with the case set to resume in court in March 2015.

Puma Shoes Blue And White

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: prisoner from Lincoln was released in error on 8 August. The police were notified immediately and he was arrested within hours. An investigation by a Puma Shoes Blue And White senior governor has been launched. will kill again and again Im glad im not in a crisis with some of you lot. swap your eastenders omnibus with a damn book.

He sat at the bus stop outside Lincoln Prison on Gretwell Road for three hours until staff located him and returned him to the prison.

Puma Shoes Blue And White

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