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the Navy.

motorist help fight a house fire in Reno

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Puma Shoes Orange Black

Jayde Matcham's first instinct was to run to the burning Puma Blaze Of Glory Soft

Puma Shoes Orange Black

investigation, he said.

"I didn't have a phone, so I couldn't really call anybody," she said.

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Puma Shoes Orange Black

Puma Shoes Orange Black

No injuries were reported.

"At first we weren't sure if it was a barbeque. and then we got closer and my friend Jayde, she ran up and we realized it was fire," said Kaylee Lamothe, 13. "I got my phone out and called 911."

From left: Tyler Geraci, 14, Briar Gracey, 14, Jayde Matcham, 14, and Kaylee Lamothe, 13. The four Swope Middle School students were walking home from school when they stopped and tried to put out a house fire in Reno on May 19, 2014.(Photo: )Beverly Marcroft described four Swope Middle School students as heroes on Monday after the teens, a motorist and Reno firefighters battled a blaze that engulfed the top of her home Puma Shoes Orange Black in Reno.

"I saw the plume of smoke, and I decided to come here and check, and I found these four young kids looking around the house," said Marquez, a retired chief petty officer with Puma Shoes Red

"I feel really happy and I felt good that I helped somebody's house from getting burnt because if we didn't save it, it could have all just collapsed," she said.

Tyler Geraci, 14,and his friend Briar Gracey, 14, also ran to the burning home and searched the yard for a hose.

"I was just getting home from the dentist when I saw all the smoke coming from my house," said Marcroft, 85. "I heard what these kids did, and it was wonderful. The blaze started near some bushes on the outside of Marcroft's home on 700 Ferris Lane and spread to the attic.

Matcham said she was worried someone was inside the house sleeping and unaware of the fire.

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home to make sure it was really on fire.

"Once I got there, there was this big flame on. the side of the house," said Matcham, 14. "My first thought was I was kind of scared."

"I don't consider myself a hero," Geraci said. "I consider (Marquez) who originally got the hose a hero. I couldn't do much but I think (Marquez) is the real hero.

"By the time the fire department showed up, there was nothing but smoke," Marquez said. "Thank goodness I came along because those kids would never have found that garden hose.

The fire's cause is unknown and under Puma Red Bull

Puma Shoes Orange Black

The students were looking for a garden hose to put the flames out when Marquez arrived. He then grabbed the hose hidden beneath some bushes and watered down the flames that were erupting from the attic, he said.

Puma Shoes Orange Black

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