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repeatedly whether he supports the $70 billion project, but it appears he's not a fan.

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Instead, he's selling himself and his party as the next government of Canada.

Mulcair not selling Keystone

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Asked what he was doing stateside for three days this week if he wasn't lobbying for or against Keystone what the Canadian government calls the most pressing trade issue between the two countries right now Mulcair said he wanted to get to know the people he'll be working with when he's prime minister in two years.

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The NDP's Thomas Mulcair is not here to sell the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

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On Keystone, Mulcair dodged and weaved when asked Puma Shoes For Women Maroon

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"For the first time in its history the New Democratic Party of Canada is in a position to form a government, Puma Sneakers Womens White

But the current Conservative government lashed out at Mulcair for playing politics during a crucial time in Keystone's Puma Shoes Light Purple

so there are a lot of people down here . who are very interested in meeting with us," the Official Opposition leader told reporters here Tuesday. "And we're interested in learning more about some of the people that we plan to work with when we form a government in 2015."

"That one project represents the export of 40,000 jobs that could have been created in Canada," Mulcair said, adding his party's preference would be to refine Canadian oil in Canada instead of exporting raw crude. "The NDP has always been clear about this. An NDP government would have made it a Puma Red And Black Sneakers priority to take care of Canada's energy security, to create jobs in Canada and to get a better price. That's a win win win.

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"This (Keystone) is a project that's on the table, and I'm going to let the Americans come to their own decision on that."

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