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When the trial resumes Wednesday morning, the jury and some members of the media will replicate the route Woods' truck took on Jan. 2, 2012, two days before his wife's body was found. Puma Mens Shoes Casual

During cross examination, Ladham told defense lawyer Michael Nolin that Dorothy could have been conscious or "stunned" after receiving the blows to her head.

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He said the blows were not hard enough to cause her death because her

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to her body means she could have been kept somewhere for days before Puma Trainers 2017 being left in the culvert and encased by ice. Although bruises near Dorothy's armpits could indicate she was moved, there was no indication that she was dragged Ladham told the court.

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Ladham also testified that if the knotted rope at the back of Dorothy's neck was tight enough, she could have been strangled without anyone actually pulling on the rope. Even so, the autopsy determined there had been a momentary lapse in pressure, causing blood to flood into Dorothy's face.

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"We're looking at something with an edge," he told the court when referring to what could have caused the head wounds.

But based on the ligature position, Ladham could not conclusively say what position Dorothy's body had been in at the time she was strangled.

Dr. Shaun Ladham, Saskatchewan's Chief Forensic Pathologist, testified Tuesday during the first degree murder trial of Dorothy's husband, David Woods. Ladham performed Dorothy's autopsy on Jan. 6, 2012, two days after her body was found in a culvert south of Blackstrap Lake.

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Dorothy's hands had been tied behind her back with a plain white rope. The rope around her neck had black and yellow flecks.

skull wasn't fractured and there was no internal trauma to her brain.

He also testified that early signs of decomposition Puma High Top Sneakers For Men 2017

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But he said it's impossible to determine exactly when Dorothy died.

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deep lacerations were found on her forehead and near her hairline, which Ladham believes came from some sort of blunt object.

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She could have been hit in the head before she was strangled because there were no scratches or abrasions on her neck indicating an attempt to pry the ligature off, Ladham testified. That lead him to believe that either her hands were bound prior to the strangulation, or she had been unconscious at the time. Her fingernails were also clean, he said.

The stiffening of her body indicated she had died before she was left in the culvert, meaning she had been dead for a period of time leading up to the autopsy, Ladham testified.

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Dorothy Woods was possibly knocked unconscious before she was strangled with a rope, a Saskatoon murder trial has heard.

Murder trial hears Dorothy Woods struck on head

Because of the nature of the two gashes on Dorothy's head, Ladham told Nolin that it's possible no blood was left on whatever object was used.

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