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Auburn Sophomore Caleb Fluker agrees and tells us morale on campus this year is drastically different than it was last year.

Much At Stake For Alabama and Auburn in 2013 Iron Bowl

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Not suprisingly, some Auburn fans say they'd like the Tigers to squash Alabama's national championship hopes.

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"Six months ago, I don't think you could have found an Auburn fan that thought Puma Runners

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"You couldn't give away tickets last year. I had a few tickets last year and I couldn't sell Puma White Running Shoes them. This Iron Bowl, the average price for a student ticket is like 250 dollars right now."

"I'm cautiously optimistic but I think Auburn can pull it out, given what we've done this season," says Smith. "It's really hard to deny us anything at this Puma Red

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they'd be playing in a New Year's Day bowl game," he says. "I mean, they were hoping for a .500 season."

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this loss would mean all the more for Auburn," says student Jacob Smith.

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But what if Auburn loses the Iron Bowl? Longshore says he doesn't believe there's as much pressure on them to win.

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Other Auburn fans say they believe the game will come down to who wants it more.

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"With the implications with the possible three in a row, Puma Yellow Sneakers

"If they lose, they're not going to the SEC championship game and of course, you've got to win that, the way the polls are at this point, to advance to the national championship," he says.

Both teams will face off in this year's Iron Bowl with a lot at stake, the SEC West title and a BCS bowl game bid. Sports Analyst John Longshore says it's do or die for Alabama.

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