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told the judge he worked for Lane College at one point. The college confirms Swift resigned his position on April 16.

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Miller says multiple eyewitnesses identified Swift as the shooter. "Some of them were reluctant to want to come to court and testify," he said.

Swift is due back in court Monday, May 13.

after investigators say he shot and killed Brian Banes and Delandis Clark.

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Murder Suspect Requests to See Judge

According to the arrest warrant, police found 38 9 millimeter shell casings at the scene on East Main Street. Miller confirms both men suffered multiple gunshots.

Swift pled not guilty to two counts of first degree murder and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm. Jackson police arrested him Tuesday, nine days Puma Shoes Black 2017

Swift told the judge he plans to hire an attorney. He also Puma Casual Shoes For Men

"We believe that a high capacity magazine was used inside a weapon that has the capability to fire those number of rounds," said Lt. Miller.

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"The work has only just begun for us," he said. "A lot more people to talk to, a lot of evidence that's still out there and we've got boots on the ground."

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"We wanted to be sure that we were looking for and we had the right man," said Lt. Tyreece Miller.

JACKSON, Tenn. A man accused Sneakers Puma For Men of murdering two people in downtown Jackson faced a judge Wednesday. Judge Blake Anderson arraigned Anthony Swift at the Criminal Justice Complex.

Miller believes more people are involved. Puma Canvas Shoes

"I'd like to see you in person," said Swift.

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