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"Honestly, she's cute, and I've got a bit of a groupie crush, if I can say that," Kennedy said.

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According to court documents, Alexander would tell his friends that she was a stalker and a "skank." He also Puma Sneakers 2017 Men led friends and family to believe that he was a virgin, abiding by Mormon laws of chastity for single people.

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Jodi Arias listens to testimony in Maricopa County Superior Court, on Wednesday, in Phoenix.(Photo: Tom Tingle, Gannett)

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Puma Sneakers 2017 Men

thousands of e mails and text messages between the two; and numerous taped interviews that Arias made after the crime, to police and to TV reporters.

murder trial is digital

At the center of it is a young, attractive, soft spoken woman who could face the death penalty. Her face, among other body parts, is flashed daily on TV and computer screens, her photo published daily in magazines and newspapers around the world.

Story HighlightsJodi Aria is accused of killing one time boyfriend Travis AlexanderTrial has lured global audience to Phoenix courthouseSalacious evidence has been streamed from courtroom to Twitter and other social media websites

Among the evidence presented since the trial began Jan. 2: grisly photos of the crime scene and of Alexander's autopsy; photos of the victim and the defendant, naked, in the hours and minutes before his death; Puma Olive Shoes

Puma Sneakers 2017 Men

sheds new light on society. This is not about race or money. It's a perfect tabloid storm. It is occurring in the absence of any other tabloid storm."

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Puma Sneakers 2017 Men

Puma Sneakers 2017 Men

David Kennedy of Chandler, Ariz., and his mother waited in line before the day's proceedings.

The digital record of the relationship between Arias and her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, is stunning. The testimony and trial exhibits verge on pornography. All of this has lured a global audience to the proceedings at the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse in downtown Phoenix.

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Arias, 32, is charged with the 2008 murder of Travis Alexander, 30, who was found dead in the shower of his Mesa home in June 2008 with a slashed throat, 27 stab wounds and a bullet in his head.

All of the salacious material has been streamed live from Courtroom 5C, reprocessed through the Twittersphere and posted on websites.

By last week, trial watchers were lining up in the halls of Maricopa County Superior Court, trying to get a glimpse of Arias. Most are appalled, some are Puma Ladies Trainers

There's nothing cute about the case.

She spent more than 12 hours there, and judging from the photographs found in Alexander's camera, they had sex, until some disagreement occurred and Alexander ended up dead.

But he would still invite Arias to his house for sex. They took vacations together. And on the night before he died, Alexander convinced Arias to make a long detour on her drive from California to Salt Lake City to visit him in Mesa.

"This is murder trial as entertainment," said Josh Mankiewicz, a correspondent for NBC's "Dateline" program. (Simpson's) that Puma R698


Arias and Alexander were in a relationship at one time, but they split up.

STORY: Intent at heart of woman's trial in Arizona man's death

Nor is it rare for television tabloid and newsmagazine shows to come to Phoenix to film the high profile cases.

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There are pro and anti Jodi Arias Web pages, her photos and drawings are on sale on eBay, and blogs written by Arias and Alexander before his death can still be found on the Internet.

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