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Text messaging is a standard ICS operation. All SMS/MMS communication is organized into threads each thread consists of all messages between you and one of your contacts. You can select multiple threads to mass delete them.

two tabs in the phonebook are Groups and Favorites. your Gmail account) while favorites are a listed as a grid of large contact photos, which is really thumbs friendly.

The in call quality of the Motorola RAZR i was top notch with a crisp and loud sound. Reception was also problem free and we didn't suffer dropped calls though in areas of very poor coverage the sound would occasionally break up.

Editing a contact is a straightforward process

The compose box covers about a fifth of the screen in portrait mode or about a third in landscape. A tap and hold on the text box gives you access to functions such as cut, copy and paste. You are free to paste the copied text across applications like email, notes, chats, etc. and vice versa.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Puma Sneakers With Straps

a bit of getting used to in portrait mode, which is understandable given the small screen size. Still, it's enough to get the job done and things get a little better if you flip the phone to landscape mode.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Text messaging holds no surprises Built in emoticons

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Puma Sneakers With Straps

There's a permanent scroll bar available that you can grab and drag to jump straight to contacts starting with a certain letter. Regular search is there, too.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

check if there is a new message needing your attention.

Text input on the RAZR i boils down to the standard Android Ice Cream Sandwich QWERTY keyboard. Texting takes Puma Latest Shoes

Smart Dial is available and works as advertised it searches names and numbers simultaneously. Only one contact is shown (with contact photo) and you can tap the down arrow to view the rest (the number above the arrow indicates how many contacts have matched your query).

Tapping on a contact reveals all details available. In true ICS fashion, there's a large contact picture on top. You can mark the contact as a favorite by tapping on the star on the top right.

The Motorola RAZR i also features a combined inbox, which brings together all your mail in a single folder. This can be quite handy if you have lots of accounts and you just want to Puma Ducati Shoes Black

A cool feature in Gmail is that you can swipe left or right to move between messages in your inbox.

You can add multimedia (photos, videos, sounds, Puma Sneakers With Straps etc.), which will convert the message to an MMS. If you need multiple slides or multiple attachments, you can go to a full blown MMS editor as well.

Each thread is organized like an IM chat session, the latest message at the bottom. You can manage individual messages (forward, copy, delete) and even lock them (to prevent deletion). You can use search to find a specific message in all conversations.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Motorola RAZR i review

Next to it is the menu button from which you can edit the contact, join it with a duplicate one or set it a special ringtone. There's plenty of contact information you can assign to each contact and it still remains neatly organized.

Overall, the phonebook covers all the basics, but lacks the bells and whistles of the more enhanced and feature rich likes of TouchWiz and SenseUI. In any case, it gets the job done.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

Telephony with a smart dialing twist

You have all the types listed (numbers, email addresses, etc) and there's also a plus sign below a category tapping it adds another item of that type. Pressing the X sign right next to it deletes the unneeded field.

There is also a generic email app for all your other email accounts and it can handle multiple POP or IMAP inboxes. You have access to the messages in the original folders that are created online and messages are displayed as usual, or you can switch to a Gmail like conversation view.

Puma Sneakers With Straps

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