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Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Can I change the colors in a standard pattern?

Most of our rugs can be made, seamless, Puma Shoes For Women On Sale

area rug or a wall to wall installation.

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Do I need to use padding under my area rug?

Can I order custom size or custom shaped rugs?

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Is there a warranty on your rugs?

Yes, as a custom manufacturer, we can make a rug to the specific size and shape required. This is the case, whether Puma Brown

Yes, you can create your own pattern or our design staff will help you to do so. Almost anything can serve as the inspiration for Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour a custom rug pattern. Most in stock rugs are shipped the next business day. Normal sized braided rugs, in oval, round and rectangle shapes are shipped in four weeks. Mountain Craft braided Puma Shoes For Men

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

It depends on the type and condition of the rug. We would need specific information to make a determination. Any rug we would consider repairing would need to be cleaned prior to sending to us or we would have to clean and charge for same.

Mountain Rug Mills

We have a one year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

Do you repair rugs?

All rugs need padding. Padding serves several important functions. First it prevents the rug from slipping. Second, padding absorbs crushing and stress on a rug. Third, padding keeps the rug and the floor beneath it cleaner. In short, padding extends the life of the rug. We stock padding. Contact us for the correct type for your rug.

up to 28 feet wide. Some of our products can be made even wider. Please check the particular product for the specifics and if this is not specified, please contact your representative or the mill. Length is usually not an issue. But for the width or length, keep in mind the logistics of shipping, moving and installing a very large rug.

rugs usually ship in six to eight weeks. Most normal size Handhooked rugs are shipped in eight to twelve weeks. Our machine tufted carpets, in order size quantities 200 square yards and under, ship in six weeks, except for the Quick Ship Program. The carpets in this program, ship in two weeks. The Hand Overtufted rugs or carpets ship in eight to twelve weeks.

Yes, we have 120 standard colors. Any of these can be substituted for any color in a standard pattern or we can custom dye a color or colors, if we do not have the correct match in our standard selection.

Can I create my own pattern?

Puma Shoes For Men Red Colour

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