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more funding.

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plans more or less are finished, but they are waiting for Puma Running Shoes 2017

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The project will be advertised for four weeks, said Steve Bird, senior NDOT roadway designer. The project will include milling and paving of the existing roadway surface, slope flattening, drainage improvements and more.

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on horizon

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50 through Mound House.

The construction is proposed to be completed through the use of one lane closures, according to a project description, and no need for detours.

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Described as a routine maintenance project, it will also improve safety, officials say. 50 and SR 341 and construction of a frontage road. The flattening of the roadway slopes will bring the critical slopes to current standards, NDOT reported, and it will remove roadside hazards.

The project, estimated at $8.1 million, has a 120 day work period contract. It will extend from about .34 miles east of Deer Run Road/Arrowhead Drive in Carson City to about .49 miles east Puma Shoes Red Color of the junction with State Route 341, near the top of Dayton Hill. Construction should begin in May or June, Bird said.

The frontage road is planned to extend from Jeanette Drive to Dorff Lane to consolidate access and facilitate the T intersection. It also includes safety improvements around the V railroad crossing to include new impact attentuators. A new free right turn with an acceleration lane at Affonso Drive, heading westbound, will be included to provide trucks a separate lane to compensate for the steep grade. 50 to include interchanges and frontage roads, but that has been removed from NDOT's list due to its high cost and lack of funding. 50 widening from Stagecoach to Silver Springs has been delayed due to lack of funding. Bird said it likely won't occur until 2018. He said the design Puma All Black Sneakers

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