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Legal advice given to the party leader Tim Oliver is that if the budget is vetoed, the spending of the council effectively grinds to a paralysing halt. No more grit can be bought for the roads, no more vulnerable children can be given the urgent care they need.

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Next year there is a very good chance its councillors will be given the power they want. Abstaining will be a luxury they will no longer be allowed to enjoy.

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Miss Vaz, a former lawyer and presenter on the TV programme Network East, said: "A better use of the 13,000 of public money that has been spent on the 'zero tolerance' policy would have been to actively engage with residents at addresses where non recyclable waste has regularly been placed in recycling bins."

The Labour MP found out that more than 33,000 vacancies in this region were being promoted online via the Europa Job Mobility website.

But Labour is refusing to vote against the budget because it is afraid of what will happen if it succeeds.

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From campaigning MPs to councillors who are sitting on their hands, the opposition Labour party in Walsall is set to abstain when a vote is taken on next year's budget.

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Take the story of how Walsall South MP Valerie Vaz used the Freedom of Information Act to find out that it cost taxpayers 13,000 for Walsall Council to implement its "zero tolerance" approach to recycling that left almost 27,000 bins unemptied.

It's a terrifying thought but it does rather show up the complete irrelevance of an opposition party on a council if it Puma Sneakers Ribbon

They had been put there by the Department for Work and Pensions.

"They're spending money advertising public sector jobs to overseas workers when there are hundreds of people in the Black Country who would jump at the chance of getting one of these jobs and they deserve a fair crack of the whip."

He said: "Unemployment here in the Black Country is almost twice the national average and I'm sure there are more than enough nurses and teachers in this country who could do the jobs being Puma Shoes 2018

Mr Austin is now demanding answers.

It is as powerful as an opposition party can be without actually being in control.

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It listed 41 NHS jobs in the Black Country, including 25 nursing posts, at a time when 2,300 frontline nursing jobs have been lost since 2010.

It's to their credit that the MPs took it upon themselves to look into these issues and bring them to the public's attention. And it shows just how useful their expertise in asking the right sort of questions can be.

Midlands jobs being advertised for foreign workers.


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MPs right to bring issues to public's attention Express Star

Officers checked recycling bins and if they found anything in them they didn't want, they left them full at the side of the road.

Meanwhile figures uncovered by Dudley's Ian Austin Puma Shoes For Men Blue showed tens of thousands of West Puma Roma Shoes Black And White

The party, which is actually the largest single party on Walsall Council and is kept from power only because the Liberal Democrats are propping up the Conservatives in a coalition, is not happy about the 13 million of cuts being imposed.

really thinks it is unable to vote against the things it objects to.

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