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help people in the city.

The Labour run council have screwed up so many times it unbelievable, but what strikes me more is how you keep getting voted back Puma Shoes In Blue

The Labour run farce in the Kremlin has done this too. It was not long ago that Wolverhampton only had 643k left in the bank and threatening not to empty the bins.

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Puma Sneakers For Ladies

Puma Sneakers For Ladies

Puma Sneakers For Ladies

It was Mr Brown who crippled this country. Firstly as Chancellor when he spent everything without telling anyone and then as Prime Minister (who nobody was allowed to vote for) when he hid the mess he had created.

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Puma Sneakers For Ladies

If you actually beleive what you say above Do something about it, come up with actual polices that will help this country and your own town.

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"While this government cuts taxes for millionaires, it has made ordinary people worse off by raising VAT and cutting tax credits for over four and a half million families."

Under the coilition unemployment in down, ecomomic growth is up, yes times are hard but at least they have done something top sort your mess out and point us in the right direction.

"We needed a plan to secure a strong and sustained recovery that delivers rising living standards for hardworking families in Wolverhampton.

of Spend, Spend Spend and worry later has not gone away and filters down to local level.


Statistics are always prone to interpretation and the Labour Party are once again trying to deceive the people with a claim that people are 1600 a year worse off. This average figure is lower for a number of reasons, 3 of them being because benefits have been reduced, highly paid public sector jobs have been eliminated and replaced with more realistic salaried private sector jobs and finally the total amount paid in bankers bonuses is down. In reality most people are getting more of their salary and the additional one million extra people paying the 40% tax rate are paying no additional tax because of the increases in the threshold before income tax kicks in. Why does this lady think the general public are stupid, Puma Sneakers For Ladies I bet most of the extra 1 million on the 40% tax rate will not vote Labour.

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"Families are 1,600 a year worse off than they were in 2010, one million more people are paying the 40p tax rate, 350,000 people are going to food banks, 400,000 disabled people are paying the bedroom tax and almost a third of children in our city are growing up in poverty under this government.

Just a quick reminder Ms Reynolds.

They blame the nasty Mr Cameron who took all the money away. They had spent it already aka Gordon Brown.

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"Unfortunately, time and again this government has demonstrated that it can't do that because it stands up for the wrong people.

Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East and shadow housing minister, accused the Government of failing to provide policies that will Puma Shoes Online

Responding to the House of Commons' vote on the Queen's speech, which approved the Government's annual plans, Ms Reynolds said: "Since the Government came to power living standards have fallen year after year.

MP says Express Star

The Labour ethos Puma Roma Shoes Pink

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