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Puma Runners Ireland

to see this little boy whom you have known since his birth, played with and changed his diapers. And now he is doing all of these amazing acrobatic things off the platform and going 35 miles per hour into the water. It is all so very overwhelming."

"My husband's own Olympic experience has really temporized my anxiety because he looks at our nephew and tells me he is going to medal in London," Cuenca said. "My husband see my nephew's talent level, as well as who is competing against him and believes there is hardly anyone who can compete with him. The Chinese team may be a bit of a threat, but we still feel that our nephew has a great chance of winning any of the medals."

Both aunt and uncle are ready to cheer their nephew on regardless of how he finished.

At the Olympics, Boudia and McRory will have to make their lone synchronized attempt count.

Puma Runners Ireland

Puma Runners Ireland

"This is a one time event, there are no preliminaries or semifinals," Cuenca said. "So there will be a lot of pressure on both of them when they finally compete. They will be competing with the best in the world. They took the gold Puma Runners Ireland medals in an event held in Mexico this past year so we are pretty hopeful they are going to medal in London. Trials came near them."

"Coming home with any medal will be a great accomplishment," Cuenca said. "Our expectations are not so high that we would be disappointed is he only came back with a bronze medal. Competing against world class athletes, to make the top three is a real victory."

Puma Runners Ireland

Puma Runners Ireland

Puma Runners Ireland

Puma Runners Ireland

"The motions from both of the competitors have to happen at the exact time," Cuenca said. "They both have to hit the water at the same time, but also their movements have to be exact from platform to water," Cuenca said. McRory and Boudia won by amassing a score of 1,387.86. The second place finishers scored 1,207.08. Individually, Boudia won the 10 meter Platform competition with a score of 1,642.40, while McCrory came in second by scoring 1,582.55.

"Watching them win at the trials was exhilarating and overwhelming to see his skills which have quadrupled over the last four years," Cuenca said. "He was an alternate at the last Olympic games (2008 in Beijing), so this is his first Puma Shoes Black Red

time competing. He is really on top of his game right now and it is just amazing for me Puma Khaki Shoes

McCrory and teammate Dave Boudia are scheduled to compete in the Men's Synchronized 10 meter Platform event July 30. Both divers will be competitors in the Men's 10 meter Platform individual event which will take place August 10 11.

Dr. Rosa Cuenca (oncologist) and Gordon Downie (pulmonologist) were scheduled to fly out to London on Wednesday, July 25, where their 21 year old nephew Nick Puma Camouflage

Puma Runners Ireland

"My husband is also going to be meeting with a lot of his former teammates and coaches," Cuenca said. "He will also be a part of the opening ceremonies and be recognized on the field along with many other former Olympians. That will be a very g thrill for my husband, but he is also excited to see our nephew compete in something he understand the value and significance of."

Puma Runners Ireland

Winning medals, though, is nothing new to the family. Downie won a bronze medal as a member of the Great Britain 800 meter Freestyle Relay swim team which competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympic games. Downie, Cuenca said, firmly believes their nephew is capable of adding to the family's collection.

The London trek will also be a trip down memory lane for Downie.

McCrory (a student at Duke University) is slated to compete in two events of the 2012 summer games.

Puma Runners Ireland

MP doctors headed to London to watch kin shoot for gold

Puma Runners Ireland

Puma Runners Ireland

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